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Building Strong Marriages 

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Turn your relationship into a success story.

Nearly three million couples have taken PREPARE/ENRICH and improved their chances for a successful relationship. The program is a proven tool, scientifically developed to help couples stimulate honest, open dialogue about some of the most hard to discuss subjects. Using our assessment tools, you’ll find it easier to understand your partner and create a deeper, healthier relationship and sustain it over the years to come.

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Learn how to:

• Identify your strengths as a couple and build new ones

• Strengthen your communication skills

• Uncover stressful areas and resolve conflicts

• Explore your families of origin

• Comfortably discuss financial issues

• Establish family goals

• Understand and appreciate personality differences

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*Life Development Resources is an independent facilitator for the PREPARE/ENRICH® curriculum. Facilitators of the PREPARE/ENRICH® curriculum are independent and are not employees of PREPARE/ENRICH, LLC.