Life Development Resources is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services under Rule 245G as well as supported by a Rule 29 status. We treat co-occurring chemical dependency and mental health diagnoses with an integrated approach to assist our clients in achieving an abundant life.

Our program is designed to teach clients the tools they need to be able to:

  • Manage emotions
  • Tolerate distress in life including urges to use substances
  • Remain mindful
  • Have healthy interpersonal relationships

The program assists clients in addressing target behaviors that greatly affect quality of life by addressing both mental health and substance use needs. A multidisciplinary team comprised of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, Practitioners, & Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners will assist in the development of integrated treatment planning and specialized clinical support.


All prospective clients entering the program will be assessed by a Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor, as well as by a Mental Health Professional or Mental Health Practitioner to identify client needs.

Clients that meet admission criteria for intensive day treatment will then assist in the development of a personalized treatment plan to address their individual goals.

Treatment will be provided using a step-down model. The program begins with intensive day treatment at 3 hours a day, 4 days per week. After a period of success, the time commitment incrementally decreases ending at 1 group and 1 individual session a week. Treatment lengths are based upon individual progress which will be continually assessed.

State certified adult Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) will be utilized in conjunction with substance use education skill development. Our program integrates individual therapy, group therapy, and coaching call access to DBT providers 24 hours a day. Additionally, a family component is offered monthly to assist clients working toward restoring relationships. This component also provides education on addiction to families involved in providing support to clients.


Substance use and mental health disorders are often co-occurring, meaning that clients with substance use diagnoses may also meet criteria for mental health diagnoses such as depression, generalized anxiety, post traumatic stress, or personality disorders. Treating the mental and substance use disorders with integrated services is more effective in addressing the interconnected needs. It can also be more cost effective for clients. Treating both the substance use and mental health disorders is essential to clients working towards healing and creating a life they find worth living.

The hearts at our clinic are heavy laden.  We grieve with the broken-hearted and recognize weariness from the pain around us.  We stand in corporate grief with the family of George Floyd, and all those who suffer due to the pain of historical trauma.  We stand in regret for our nation’s past and current division as we continue to battle racial bias.  We also acknowledge the psychological challenges faced by our first responders.  We offer an open and welcoming door for all those who are hurting and needing support.  The virus has taken a lot from us and now we are facing another significant challenge.  So, as we continue our work at LDR, our passion grows and our focus sets on caring for all people who seek our services. 
During this time of COVID, Life Development Resources is open to both existing and new clients via telehealth. Call us at 952-898-1133. As part of our commitment to the health and well-being to our staff, clients, and the larger community, our clinic continues to monitor local, state and federal agencies and are observing their recommendations. 
Please reach out to us if you could use support, healing, and hope. 
Together, we CAN make a difference.