Online Payment Information

Online Payments

Life Development Resources has partnered with our electronic record system to provide you with the convenience of online payments. To protect your personal and financial information it is required that you set up an account using the Procentive Client Portal.

If you would like to set up this portal you should speak with your therapist. Your therapist will send you an invitation to access your client portal. This invitation will expire in 48 hours to protect your personal information. If your email link expires you must request a new invitation be sent by your therapist.

When you click the link provided in the email you will be directed to the registration page. You will be asked to create a username and password. It is recommended that you use a secure password as it will protect your personal information.

It is recommended that after you have completed the registration process you bookmark the login page for convenient access in the future.

If you have already registered for the client portal the login page can be found here: