Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – Child

DBT-C is an intensive, research- based, out-patient program that is geared for children ages 6-11. DBT-C is a cognitive-behavioral approach to helping children recognize and understand their emotions. DBT-C teaches children how to be in better control of their behavior(s), and how to cope effectively and to problem solve in any situation.

DBT-C treatment components:

1. Parent training (Pre-treatment): Parent participation is required. 6-10 weeks of intensive parent training where parents are taught the skills necessary to become coaches and a solid support network within their own home.

2. Weekly skills training 6-10 weeks of sessions with child and provider

This is the educational component that teaches the following:

Mindfulness- teaches the child to pay attention to feelings, thoughts, and behaviors
Distress Tolerance- teaches the child to cope with problems
Emotion Regulation- teaches the child to stop or change emotions
Interpersonal Effectiveness- teaches the child to get along with others

3. Weekly therapy sessions with child, parent (s) and provider