Children & Adolescent Counseling

Child Therapy

Many children go through times in life where they seem to struggle with school, relationships, emotions, or completing daily tasks. A struggle may be in response to transitions in their life or may develop without a recognizable prompt. Therapy can help your child understand themselves and their feelings. Throughout the therapeutic process we will work toward teaching the skills necessary to enable our clients to express their feelings in a healthier way. Through the therapeutic use of play therapy and other therapy techniques, children are given the opportunity to express their feelings naturally in a safe environment allowing for the healing process to begin.

Adolescent Therapy

For teens life adjustments, academic expectations, peer issues, and identity formation can be confusing when already dealing with varying emotions. Teens often have a difficult time expressing, understanding, and sorting through their feelings. Our therapists strive to provide our adolescent clients with a caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental therapeutic environment where individual strengths and differences are respected.

Common areas addressed in Child Therapy include:

  • Children who are dealing with parental conflict, separation or divorce
  • Children struggling with anger or behavioral problems
  • Children having difficulty adjusting to transitions, such as a move
  • Children who are dealing with issues of loss, such as illness or death of a loved one
  • Children who have been hospitalized
  • Children who have witnessed domestic violence
  • Children diagnosed with learning or attention difficulties
  • Children who have been adopted or are in foster care
  • Children who have been traumatized

Common areas addressed by Adolescent Therapy include:

  • Feeling Sad, Depressed, Worried, Shy, or Stressed
  • Attention Problem or a Learning Difficulties
  • Anger Management
  • Challenges Coping with Peer Pressure
  • To Improve Self-Confidence or Peer Relationships
  • Family Changes such as Separation and Divorce
  • Cuts, Burns, or other Self-Injures
  • Excessive Dieting or Overeating
  • Coping with Health Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Trauma
  • To Gain Control over a Habit