About Us

Life Development Resources is a private mental health clinic with locations in Lakeville and St. Paul. We have been operating in the Twin Cities Metro for over 30 years. Our highly trained and experienced group of therapists allow us to offer a wide variety of mental health services. Our clinic accepts most major insurance companies including medical assistance plans. If insurance is a barrier to you attending therapy with us, we offer on-site insurance help and MNsure Navigator services at no cost to you.

How was Life Development started?
Life Development Resources (LDR) was founded in 1987 by Doctor Rose Busscher.  LDR has grown to a group of 60+ therapists dedicated to helping you and your family achieve an abundant life through a variety of mental health services.

Why do we believe so strongly in therapy?
We believe that everyone benefits from the ability to work through the challenges of life with the right therapy. At Life Development Resources we strive to provide mental health services with respect and sensitivity. Our therapists combine our skills to effectively evaluate and treat many mental health issues including: Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Loss, Anger Management, Addictive Behaviors, Relationship Issues, PTSD, Sexual & Physical Abuse, Attention Deficit, Family of Origin, and much more.