School Linked Behavioral Health (SLBH)

What is SLBH?

  • SLBH is a program providing therapeutic services to school-aged children who experience functional impairment at school and/or where barriers to accessing other services
  • SLBH is a co-located service taking place in school during the school day
  • SLBH services include
    • Individual and Family therapy
    • Training, consultation and support for school staff
    • Collaboration and coordination with the school mental health team and building staff to provide high quality client care to students

Common Areas Addressed in SLBH Services:

  • Emotional concerns – shutting down, isolating, crying, anxiousness, irritability, self-harm
  • Social concerns – difficulty interacting with peers and/or school staff
  • Inattention and/or hyperactivity – concerns with attention, easily distracted, can’t sit still
  • Disruptive behaviors, such as throwing things, interrupting, aggression, running out of the room, negative attention seeking, age-inappropriate behaviors

The SLBH Providers

  • Will utilize evidence-based, developmentally appropriate and therapeutic interventions
  • Are trained in evidence-based training such as: EMDR, DBT, MAP and TF-CBT
  • Are trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) utilizing verbal de-escalation strategies

SLBH Funding:

  • SLBH services are billed to health insurance
  • For those who are uninsured/underinsured, LDR has MNsure Navigators on site to assist families who do not have health insurance

How to Begin:

  • LDR is currently partnered with 13 schools in ISD 196
  • If you feel a child(ren)/student may benefit from SLBH services, please contact your school social worker or school psychologist. Your child’s school may also have another agency who partners with them to provide SLBH services
  • If SLBH is appropriate, a referral form and ROI (release of information) will be completed by parent/guardian
  • Once completed, the school referring worker will send all necessary/requested information to LDR
  • An LDR SLBH provider will be assigned, contact the family, and schedule an intake session
  • If you have any further questions about SLBH services, please contact Chris at (952) 388-6533