Telehealth at Life Development Resources

What is Telehealth?

According to the APA, telehealth (also referred to as telemedicine or telepsychology) is the provision of medical or psychological services using telecommunication technologies. Telecommunications is the preparation, transmission, communication, or related processing of information by electrical, electromagnetic, electromechanical, electro-optical, or electronic means. (Committee on National Security Systems, 2010). Telemedicine via video conferencing has been used for years as an effective and safe way to provide care.

What about privacy?

Life Development Resources is committed to uphold your privacy. Our Telehealth platforms are HIPAA-compliant and encrypted. We recommend you access your session from your privately-owned device and find a private space to engage in your session.

What do I need to access Telehealth?

We recommend using a computer for your sessions, although some clients have had success using their smart phones and tablets. You will need a reliable internet connection, webcam and speakers. Your therapist may assist you or consult with LDR’s IT staff if necessary. We will do our very best to help you connect with your therapist.

How do I access my session?

Your therapist will send you a link to access your sessions. The first time you click the link, the telehealth software will download and install on your device.

Will Insurance cover telehealth session?

All private and public health care plans issued in Minnesota are required to cover telehealth services at the same level as in-person services. In the current situation, many of the location restrictions have been removed. If uncertain, clients are encouraged to contact their insurance company to ask about coverage.

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