Individual Counseling

Individual counseling provides a one-on-one atmosphere to individuals seeking guidance in their personal lives. Our clients are provided with a supportive environment to share their challenges, struggles, and achievements. Psychotherapy helps individuals learn how to take control of their lives and respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills.
Individuals seek therapy for numerous reasons. Often our clients are experiencing some level of emotional or psychological distress. Individual counseling can provide you with the tools to help improve your life by connecting your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This will then assist in the understanding yourself and your goals more fully. Our aim is to support our clients in achieving the healing and changes they are seeking.

Common areas addressed by Individual Therapy include:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief and Loss
• Relationship Struggles
• Stress Management
• Trauma and Assault
• Anger Management
• Family of Origin Issues
• Divorce Adjustment
• Interpersonal Conflicts
• Self-worth
• Ineffective Coping
• Forgiveness
• Employment Issues
• Parenting Challenges
• Spiritual Conflicts
• Eating Disorders