Mindful Parenting

Life Development Resources is introducing Mindful Parenting, a parent/caregiver group dedicated to nurturing strong, resilient bonds between parents/caregivers and their children through the transformative power of validation and behavior shaping. In a world where parenting can often feel overwhelming and isolating, our group offers a beacon of understanding and guidance. Trained therapists will utilize evidenced-based practices to guide parents in exploring effective communication techniques and positive reinforcement strategies within a secure environment. Through group discussion and teachings, members will learn how to validate their children’s emotions and foster a sense of security and self-worth. By shaping behaviors with empathy and patience, parents discover the profound impact they can have on their child’s emotional and social development. Join us on this journey of growth and connection as we empower parents to cultivate healthy, thriving relationships with their children. Together, we can create a brighter future filled with love, understanding, and mutual respect.

Groups are offered different days/times. Openings are dependent on space and group start dates. This group runs weekly, one hour per week, for 10 weeks.

We accept insurance to pay for the group, and you may be asked to meet with a provider for an intake appointment if you are new to the clinic. This will allow us to get the appropriate paperwork that is required to bill your insurance company.